CSG provides three main services:

  1. Preventative

  2. CSG carries out physical and technical reviews of our facilities and makes recommendations to community groups and individuals. We also protect events by providing a visible and viable deterrent: our trained volunteers.

  3. Responsive

  4. Should there be an incident, our trained volunteers will be able to take charge. CSG also has a 24-hour cellphone (027 AUCK CSG). If, at any time, there is an incident CSG can and must be contacted in order to both deal with the situation and to record it. If the incident is a risk to life or property then call 111 first .

  5. Consultative

  6. Principally, our consulting services relate to the planning of security for community functions. CSG are also involved in the continual review and renewal of community security plans and facility requirements. CSG are involved in the provision of recommendations as to how community security may be improved. Additional consultative aspects of CSG include monitoring current events as they pertain to community security, and maintaining a positive working relationship with law enforcement officials.

If you have any questions or require our services please email us .